Guiding Organisations Australia (GOA) which represents the interests of all Australian tour guides at a national level, have developed a strong network both within the Australian tourism industry, and worldwide through its association with the World Federation of Tourist Guides.

Guide skills, knowledge and professionalism are vital to the growth and success of the Australian tourism industry, with tour guides starring in one of the most important roles within the Industry, due to the often extended time they spend with guests and visitors.

Tour guides are often referred to as “The face of the Australian Tourism Industry”.

What a tour guide says and does, can have a lasting impact on the visitor’s experience of Australia.

Accredited and well qualified guides are known to attract new visitors thanks to the favorable ‘word of mouth’ recommendation they enjoy from previous guests and visitors.

To ensure our tourism industry delivers high quality visitor experiences, Guiding Organisations Australia has developed an accreditation program which ensures a high standard for accredited Australian tour guides.

The accreditation program provides a variety of benefits to both guides and the tourism industry as a whole.

  • The program promotes best practice tour guiding with high levels of skills and professionalism by tour guides.
  • It offers the tourism industry (tour operators, travel agents, government departments, training providers and others) a clear and high standard benchmark for employment of tour guides.
  • It also offers agents, visitors and guests the opportunity to select an accredited tour guide who will deliver a high quality tour experience.

The Guide of Australia accreditation program suits most types of tour guides, and is available to all guides who are members of one of the listed Tour Guide associations. You will have to meet the accreditation criteria, and must be legally allowed to work in Australia.